Rachel Lilburn

Website Producer. Information Architect. Artist & Designer. UX Coder

My Background

I started out at Terabyte Interactive, one of New Zealand’s pioneer Digital Agencies. I've worked as a Producer/Information Architect for some of New Zealand’s biggest brands, including NZ lotteries (www.mylotto.co.nz), House of Travel, Kiwibank and Toyota NZ.

I spent time working at a digital agency in London during the dotcom boom (and crash), and several years at Datacom in Auckland; developing more formal project/process management skills on large, technical projects.

Leaving Datacom to attend Whitecliffe School of Art & Design and work freelance, I was one of the core team with Talk Me Into It, developing a revolutionary recommendation engine for Olay for You.

Some of the things I did in that team included turning conversations from a whiteboard & sketches on a napkin into wireframes and sitemaps; research, created mockups and prototypes; document not only what was being built, but who was doing which piece.

With an eye for detail, as the project evolved I liaised between the team, managing the development & delivery.

I have a degree in Communication Studies from AUT, and a diploma in Art and Design from Whitecliffe School of Art and Design.

Some of My Work

Alterno Foundation

A website to publish the Foundation's aims & support. I designed the foundation's logo, and designed & coded the website 


Astra Bridal

Astra Bridal's website is a huge part of their business. They update their site on a daily basis using the content management system. I designed and coded the site and work on functional enhancements as required. 


Elephant Hill

A project in collaboration with Vivienne Stone and Nadia Aftimos, I coded up Nadia's design. 



A project in collaboration with Vivienne Stone and Nadia Aftimos, I coded up Nadia's design in HTML5, CSS3 and a smattering of Jquery. mbm.net.nz

Pod Gardening

A project in collaboration with Vivienne Stone and Richard Shaw, I coded up Richard's design. www.podgardening.co.nz


Expedio are a Property company in South Auckland who don't want to look like any other property companies. I designed their branding (logo), website, business cards, signage and cars. www.expedio.co.nz

The Technical Stuff

I am a bit of a Jack of all Trades on the web. I started out back when the web was brand new (1998!) as a Producer, managing teams of people (workflow, time and budgets) to deliver large projects.

My interests are more creative, so delved into developing content & user experience - writing content and working out how to help people navigate through it; and working out ways to make actions processes easier.

As a freelancer, I quickly learned that to help my clients, I needed to know a little bit, or a lot, about a whole range of things. I couldn't just design a site, or write the content, I needed to be able to set up the URL, the hosting, and publish the site. I had to know how to set up analytics, and link through to Social Media sites. I had to be proactive in suggesting improvements as technology constantly changed. So I did.

Luckily, now so many of these things are much, much easier than they were in the past. Many things that sat firmly in the hands of specialisted techies can now be done very easily with the many tools available on the web.

That doesn't mean that people like me are out of a job. Knowing which tools to use, and when and how is still critical.

I work with small and large businesses in many ways, including branding (Logo design), website design & build, sales materials such as brochures & display stands, social media setup, training and maintenance; and writing. For many business owners, even small businesses, the time and focus needed to learn how to do these things just isn't worth the return. So I can help to pick up the pieces and do what needs to be done. That might be combination of strategy + design + marketing. It might be coding and implementing a design you've had done.

I design using a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop, and often "directly into the browser" with HTML mockups. I write HTML and CSS and Javascript. I build websites in a Content Management System (CMS), so clients can make changes to their site themselves. My CMS of preference is ModX Revolution. For eCommerce sites I tend to recommend Shopify.

Working with me

I'm based in the lovely Taupō, New Zealand, though I work with clients all over the country and offshore. 

I've spent the last 10 years living bang smack in the middle of the Atacama Desert, officially the driest place on this earth. That's in Northern Chile. I worked remotely with clients in New Zealand and the US - over email mostly, with some  skype and chat as required. So I have a lot of experience in getting things working well even though we are not in the same office. 

I'm excited to be back in New Zealand and be in the same time zone as most of my clients! 

If you're a bit unsure out how it can be working remotely, the good and the bad, i'd be more than happy to share some references with you so you can ask my clients how they find working with me.

Contact Me


phone - +64 21 443 566

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