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I don't create cookie cutter sites.

I like to work with my clients to work out what it is that they need, and tailor a solution for them and their business.

This means that right here and now I can't offer you a nice little table of features & number of pages and give you a price. What I can do is give you some examples of amount of content + functionality and a ballpark of what that might cost you.

Then you can contact me, and we can have a chat over skype or email, and I can give you a more definate cost for you and your business.

ALL of the sites I build have a system of Auto-Administration. This means you can log in and edit content such as the text and images on a page. You can also add and delete pages in the site.

ALL sites are build with a system of templates or types of page. These might be very specific, such as a homepage, or a blog, or it might be a more general page allowing use for many diferent types of content. When we talk specifics about the content you have, I work out the types of templates you will need.

Here's some examples of how I charge:

Small, "static" site

A "small" site is probably between 1-15 individual pages in your site.

A site in this range will cost between $500 - $1,000 (NZD)

Why the variation? Well, the cost usually depends on anything specific in the design. For example, if you want multiple images changing out in the background background, or a slideshow, or maybe you have lots of diferent types of content, then this takes longer to create than having the same background on all pages.


"Medium" site, some interaction

A medium site will have between 15-50 pages of content. The increased costs to create a larger site include more complex navigation menus, allowing for 2 or 3 "levels" deep (for example, you might want menus that hover when you roll over them with your mouse), a site search, and additional types of content pages (templates), plus of course setting up your content & images.

A site in this range will cost between $1,000 - $2,500 (NZD)

Again, the variation is going to depend very much on YOUR specific content and how it needs to be viewed.

Large Site

A large site will have more than 50 pages of content, and more than 8 types of templates to allow to various ways of displaying your content.

A site in this range will cost upwards of $2,500 (NZD)

What other costs are there?

In addition to the website setup costs, you'll need to pay for hosting and a domain name. Domain name costs vary depending on what you buy. for example, is generally more expensive that a .com or .net

For a domain name, allow approx $40 a year. For hosting, approx. $90 a year.

What's not included?

There are a few things that are NOT included in the price ranges above, but we can always talk about them and include them in a price.

note - I CAN do all of these things (minus possibly the photos, depending on what and where they need to be taken).

Estimate vs Quote vs Time & Materials

OK, so an estimate means that i'll give you an idea of what it might take, BUT there are some things that are not clear, so I might need some more time, and the invoice MAY be higher than the estimate. I very rarely work on estimate, but sometimes it's necessary (lets say we need to integrate into another system or website and you can't get get me all of the specifications for that system, I can only guess)

A quote means that i'll only bill you what I told you I would bill you. When I give you a quote, I'll give you an outline of the "specification" or what I expect to do for the quoted amount. If the work changes (for example, you decide to add additional pages and funtionality), then i'll give you a new quote for the changes. Also, we'll establish some guidelines for the process - for example, how many rounds of design amends you can have before I need to charge you for them.

Time & Materials is where you pay me for each hour I work at a fixed rate. This is generally only used for on demand work with a quick turnaround, or if you don't have a clear idea what you want yet, and you would like me help to scope out your project.