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Marama Media is the online home of Rachel Lilburn.

I design websites, help you with your marketing, create identities, manage projects and write content

About me

I offer full-service creative: strategy + design + marketing. I work with small and large businesses in many ways, including branding (Logo design), website design & build, sales materials such as brochures & display stands, social media setup, training and maintenance; and writing.

I build websites in a Content Management System (CMS), so clients can make changes to their site themselves. My CMS of preference is ModX Revolution.

Born in Scotland, I grew up in New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula. I spent a year living in Bolivia when I was 17, spent my early 20s in London, a decade in Auckland, and now I live in Antofagasta, Chile.

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phone - +56 9 9612 4468
Skype: rachelmarama
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Latest Work

Other projects I have worked on recently include Astra Bridal, Aventure and, an online skincare consultation for the Skincare brand Olay in the US.

Antofagasta in English

Website Design; Website Build; ModX

Latest Blog Post

Setting up for selling online

There are many things that you need to consider when you decide you want to sell online. There are hundreds of options and varying costs involved. The final solution will depend on what and how your business operates. Here are some of the basic things you will need to think about. Before you search the net for the standard information to put on a website, sit down and have a think about your business from a (potential and current) CUSTOMERS perspective. What you need to put on your website is what that potential customer needs to convince them to do business with you, or even to pick up the phone and call you, and you can continue your brilliant sales pitch from there; and what your current customer needs to make it easy to KEEP doing business with you.