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Hi, i'm Rachel

RachelI'm from Auckland, New Zealand, and I live in Antofagasta, Chile, with my Chilean partner and our two little boys.

I have more than 10 years experience as a Producer/Project Manager/Information Architect with digital and new media agencies & Freelance. I started out at Terabyte, worked at Revolution in London (sadly an agency that was sold and no longer exists), and Datacom in Auckland.

I have a degree in Communication Studies from Auckland University of Technology, and half a degree in Fine Art from Whitecliffe School of Art and Design. I "paused" my study to follow my heart and move to Chile. One day i'll finish it off!.

I work freelance as a producer & information architect on some large web projects with project teams from all over the world. Working across 4 or more time zones makes meeting scheduling challenging. My specific project role will vary from project to project, but may include overall project management (time, schedule, tasks and people), information architecture (information and navigation design), business analysis, strategy and/or content writing.

Strategy + Design + Marketing

I also offer full-service creative, specifically for small/medium sized businesses, who want a great site & service but without the costs of a design agency. I work with business owners and managers to create + improve strategy + design + marketing within an organisation. This may including branding (logo design), website design & build, sales materials such as brochures and popups, social media setup, training and maintainence; and writing.

I build websites in a Content Management System (CMS), so my clients can make changes to their site themselves if they wish. My CMS of preference is ModX Revolution, but i've also worked with Wordpress, Silverstripe and Joomla.

I can also help you and your business with:

You can see my full curriculum vitae and work history/experience here.